From the cities of Phoenix, Denver, and St. Louis, Ren was born with an insatiable appetite for adventure. He grew up longing to experience the thrilling worlds presented to him on screen; and so, he entertained—or annoyed—everyone in the vicinity with grandiose renditions of every Disney song imaginable, well-meaning performances of Irish step dances, and far-fetched fantasies of rescuing damsels in distress. Through his teenage years he explored cross-country, cello, and choir, but no activity captured his heart as well as theatre. Since then he has inflicted himself on BYU audiences in such roles as the White Knight in Frank Wildhorn’s Wonderland and Don Pedro in Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing. He has also loved his time performing with BYU’s Contemporary Dance Theatre and Young Ambassadors.

Ren can’t stand still. The need to move and a thrill for adventure has led him to tackle backpacking 116 miles in the Colorado Rockies, running a marathon with only one month of preparation, and randomly bicycling farther than anybody considers sensible. Beyond this, Ren loves experimenting in the kitchen, constructing costumes, and adding instruments to his arsenal of skills.

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