Mariah, a native of St. George, Utah, is a senior in BYU’s BFA Acting program. Her first experience in theatre occurred when she starred as the veterinarian in her 4th grade class play, during which time the live turtle she was supposed to hold up at the end of the performance peed all over her. Her theatre career has only progressed since then. She was nominated as one the of top ten best actresses in the state of Utah, twice (Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards) and has received a variety of other awards, both at the collegiate and high school level.

Some of her favorite credits include Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, Cecily in Travesties, Jackie in Hayfever, Vera in Dogville, The Storyteller in The Fisherman and His Wife, Katrina in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Vera in And Then There Were None, and Maria in The Sound of Music. 

When not performing, Mariah enjoys cross-country running, trying new foods, listening to Billy Joel and engaging in playfully sarcastic repartee.


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