Raised in Bellingham, Washington, Derek had a passion for acting from his early childhood. Quoting and acting out the entirety of Lord of the Rings with dialects and imaginary elvish swords was a daily occurrence in his early adolescence. In high school, he finally found a place where he could live in imaginary worlds without bystanders suspecting he may have a slight psychosis: the theatre. He continued to perform in theatre and various film projects as he attended Brigham Young University and pursued a BFA in Acting and a minor in business management. Some of his favorite credits include Aubrey Montague in the U.S. Premiere of Chariots of Fire, Detective Trotter in The Mousetrap, and Jared in the suicide prevention PSA “Choose to Stay”. In addition to acting, he also loves longboarding, singing, videogames, reading, and long walks on the beach. If you’re looking for Ansel Elgort, but can’t pronounce his name, Derek Johnson is your man.

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