Hailing from Lanark, Idaho, Daniel Wallentine grew up on a large farm, surrounded by sunshine, mountains, and lots of adventure. Daniel learned piano from a very young age, and when he wasn’t farming with his brothers and dad, he was plunking out piano tunes for hours on end. This love of music came full circle when he decided halfway through a biology degree to audition instead for the Music, Dance, Theatre major at Brigham Young University. **Spoiler alert—he WAS accepted to the major and now holds a BFA along with a minor in sociology**

Favorite roles include White Rabbit in the U.S. regional premiere of Frank Wildhorn’s Wonderland, Paul in Company, Martin Harrison in Chicago, and Robertson Ay in Mary Poppins. When he’s not performing, Daniel enjoys trying new foods (hold the mushrooms, though), impersonating SNL performers, and playing intense games of freeze tag with his nieces and nephews. He also spends time working as an EMT with the local ambulance crew, where he’s slowly teaching the other medics what a triple time step is. It’s a work in progress, folks.

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