Born a Georgia Peach but raised on the North Shore of Chicago (GO CUBS!), Cassie spent her time–no matter where she was–in the dance studio. Her mother (a talented vocalist who always got cut from dance calls for lack of experience) vowed that her daughter would DANCE. And dance she did. So good thing Cassie liked it (she was obsessed with it, in fact) because her mother has been able to live vicariously through her ever since. An obsession with all things performing arts turned into a major, and then swiftly into a way of life. Cassie will be receiving her BFA in Music Dance Theatre from Brigham Young University this April, and from there will locate to the Big Apple with her husband Seth, who will be teaching special education as a part of the Teach for America Corps. She enjoys studying musical theatre history, genealogy, lucid dreaming, and churros. She really loves Mexican desserts. But most of all, she loves Seth: he is her best and weirdest friend.


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